Este post también está disponible en español: SHIRODHARA Today I experienced for the first time the Shirodhara therapy and you have no idea the deep relaxation I felt! Gradually I fell asleep and even dreamed twice! The treatment lasted 45 minutes plus 15 minutes of head massage. After those minutes I felt like I had … More SHIRODHARA

Essential Oils / Aceites Esenciales / Óleos Essenciais

*This post is written in three languages / Este post está escrito en tres idiomas / Este post está escrito em três idiomas *ENGLISH Essence is the substance that contains the active ingredient of the medicinal plant. Ayurvedic skin care formulations use plants in a variety of ways to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. However, … More Essential Oils / Aceites Esenciales / Óleos Essenciais