Bio in english

Marjorie Garces

Doctor of medicine graduated at the University of San Martin de Porres  in Lima-Peru. Since she was a little child she wanted to study medicine to heal people and always had an inclination towards spirituality and nature. Her curiosity to know and learn more about healing and the different types of medicine made her to start reading books about natural medicine and that is where her passion about this science started. Her first course in meditation techniques was carried out when she was 15 years old and since then she practices it and recommend it to her patients as an important and powerful healing tool.
Later on, after reading books authored by Dr. Deepak Chopra, she got inspired by him and decides to follow his footsteps and to study Ayurveda in the future.
After finishing high school, she went straight to university and started her studies in Medicine and after graduating as a doctor she decides to start her journey around the world in search of new knowledge related to Ayurveda and natural medicine. So that in 2012 she travelled to Australia where she studied Ayurvedic Medicine at the Australasian Institute of Ayurvedic Studies and a year later travels to New Zealand to for an  internships at the clinic “Planet Ayurveda” directed by her mentor and ayurvedic guru Dr. S. Ajit, one of the best ayurvedic doctors in the world. Upon returning to Australia, she began working at the “Back2Health” clinic located in Brisbane, where she worked for two years, growing professionally and helping hundreds of people to achieve the perfect well-being through the use of Ayurvedic medicine. She has also participated in ayurvedic retreats and detoxification programs in different cities of Australia.
In July 2015 she decides to travel to Bali-Indonesia where she learned about traditional balinese medicine from balinese local healers.
After that, she went back to her hometown in Lima-Peru, bringing with her all the knowledge that she learned in the last years and that’s why she opened her own practice. After few months she became very popular in the area, helping many patients through consultations and ayurvedic treatments. In April 2016 she moves to Slovenia, where you can find her giving ayurvedic consultations, learning more about European plants and making her own herbal preparations.

Areas of expertise

The main goal of Dr. Marjorie is to take care of the wellbeing of their patients through prevention of diseases and treating them holistically, not only focusing on the main symptoms, but also on their emotions and other features in the patient’s personality , and thus achieve optimal and balanced health. From her experience in both worlds, Western medicine and Oriental Medicine, she is confident that the combination of her knowledge as a medical doctor, along with her expertise in  Ayurvedic Medicine give her the ability to work with her patients in a more personalized way and a holistic approach.

Dr. Marjorie is particularly interested in the following areas:

  • Detoxification
  • Traditional Ayurvedic body  treatments
  • Women’s health and hormonal problems
  • Digestive system disorders and metabolic problems
  • Ideal weight management
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Fatigue and lack of energy