Heart Dhara

Heart Dhara

Heart dhara is a deeply nourishing treatment where a dam wall made of dough is placed over the heart region and filled with herbal mixture. It is an effective treatment for any mental stress or emotional imbalance, insomnia, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, all types of heart disease, mitral stenosis, anginga pectoris (heart pain), palpitations and high blood pressure. It balances vata, clears blockages, tonifies cardiovascular function, regulates blood flow and circulation, stimulaheart paintes release of thoughts and emotional blockages, is calming, grounding and nourishes one’s core being. A warm decoction of medicated herbs, oils and ghee is placed in the dam and sponged soothingly and repeatedly over the heart region. Heart dhara is profound in its sphere of action. Can be done in a series for profound results.

If you live in Brisbane – Australia you can come and visit Back2Health or give us a call (07 3255 0671). At the clinic we offer this and other ayurvedic treatments, just ask for Dr Marjorie (me) and make your appointment, I will be very glad helping you in your way to wellness!

One thought on “Heart Dhara

  1. Hey thank you for this. May ask what herbs one would use. I understand the choice of herbs would relate to the illness but which ones do you use for any given affliction. Dan ruvedic.org

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