Feather Hair Extensions


Feather extensions are a fiercely popular new way to stylize your hair with a touch of natural beauty by adding some actual nature. In the past few years, feather extensions have become the hottest new trend in the world of hair fashion. The appeal that this new trend possesses is understandable — feathers are gorgeous, rustic and creative, giving you an immediate opportunity to express yourself with some unique style. They’re also easy to set, fun to play with, and totally durable.

One of the great advantages feathers offer is that they can be incorporated into even the most notoriously difficult hairstyles — this includes you, curly and short-haired friends! The versatility afforded by feathers makes them an equal-opportunity accessory that are sure to become a personal favorite for whoever feels free enough to try them.

The best thing is that you can do it yourself at home!! …..You can buy these beautiful feather hair extensions online at Fine Featherheads. This month Take 15% off your order using code givethanks15 (Excludes sale items)……and there Is more, they ship WORLDWIDE!!

To give you a few ideas as to how you can give your hair a spark of spunk with feathers, here are some styles for curly, short, and other hairdos.


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There are feathers for our little friends too!!



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