The Effects of the Colors

Este post también está disponible en español! “El Efecto de los Colores”


Different qualities are associated with different colors. You can relate the colors to vata, pitta and kapha and use color to affect your wellbeing, particularly through the colors you choose for your clothes and the décor of your home and work place. The range of hues reflect the different facets of a color. For example, red is associated with heat violence, aggression, passion, power, domination, but it can also be stimulating, warming and comforting.

Colors for Kapha

Avoid white if you are a kapha. All colors pacify kapha, except greens and dark blues. Choose bright, strong, bold colors and designs that will excite you.

Kapha Colors


Colors for Vata

If you are vata type, blue and other dark shades probably predominate in your wardrobe. Ideally, you should avoid dark colors, especially black, browns and blues. You should also avoid vivid colors which may disturb the sensitivity of the nervous vata. Choose pastel shades instead.

vata-colors-pastel vata-colors

Colors for Pitta

Eliminate red and black from your wardrobe if you are pitta type. Use cool, soft, pale colours and blues as much as possible.

pitta-colors-casual pitta-colors

My weekend colors!

the effects of color

Top and short Billabong

weekend look

Top: Nena & Pasadena

Short: VonZipper

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