How to nourish your skin?


How to nourish your skin?

The first rule of Ayurvedic skin care is: Cleanse, nourish, and moisturize. No matter what type of skin you have, this three-step routine for the external care of the skin is essential to counteract the daily effects of environment, stress, and the skin’s natural process of cell degeneration. I t is very minimum you must do to maintain a normal, healthy, youthful complexion. And even if you do nothing else for an existing skin problem, keeping this regimen every day can help to improve your condition, sometimes in short period of time.

Today I’ll share with you how to nourish your skin using essential oils

First of all you will need to know what is your “Dosha”, for that there are a lot of web pages with questionnaires  online and you can know you Dosha in a couple of minutes. You can answer the Dosha Quiz from Dr Deepak Chopra’s site:

One you already know your Dosha you’ll need to follow these steps:


  1. Mix 1 oz of a base oil + 20 – 25 drops of essential oil (you can mix 2 or 3 different essential oils appropriate for your Dosha constitution). Store in a dark glass bottle with a dropper.
  2. Mix 3 drops of the nourishing oil + 6 drops of water. If you are Kapha, you just need to mix 2 drops of oil + 4 drops of water.
  3. In wet skin, massage the mixture all over your face and neck until absorbs.


*To nourish and moisturize

  1. Mix 1 oz of almond oil + 10 drops of essential oil appropriate for your Dosha constitution.
  2. Massage on wet skin, following shower.


Base Oils




Almond Almond Almond
Avocado Sunflower Corn
Olive Olive Mustard
Black sesame Coconut Canola
Ghee Ghee Grapeseed


Essential Oils




Chamomile (relieves insomnia) Chamomile Basil (stimulating)
Geranium (relieves anxiety) Geranium Bay leaf (relieves depression)
Jasmine (relieves fear, apathy) Jasmine Rosemary (relieves mental fatigue)
Ylang-Ylang (aphrodisiac) Ylang-Ylang Thyme (invigorating)
Lemon (promotes optimism) Lavender (energy balancing) Lavender
Rose (relieves anger) Sandalwood (aphrodisiac)  


I’m Vata constitution so for me I chose Almond Oil as a base oil and Geranium, Ylang-Ylang and Chamomile essential oils.

*Almond Oil: improves skin complexion, delays the ageing process, reduces the appearance of dark circles around the eyes and nourishes the hair.

How to nourish your skin? How to nourish your skin? How to nourish your skin? How to nourish your skin?


How to nourish your skin?

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