Ayurveda and Beauty

Every single human being wants to be beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether we are young or old , male or female. The desire for physical beauty (and the capacity to recognize it) seems deeply ingrained in the human psyche.

Unfortunately, the meaning of beauty has been distorted a bit in recent times because of the media , the fashion industry, etc. Nowadays people, especially women, think that can become beautiful through the right makeup , the perfect wardrobe, the right personal trainer, and if all else fails, the best plastic surgeon .

I have nothing against the use of cosmetics, plastic surgery, fashion and entertainment. Instead, I like to play with fashion and I do use some cosmetics. What I mean is that beauty is much more than what the media sells, and the “miracle products” that can make us look more beautiful, not always are or work as they say.

Through Ayurveda I could learn new techniques that can help us to look more radiant. It all starts with the care of our bodies with a proper diet. It doesn’t mean to make a “strict diet” to lose many kilos quickly,  that is not healthy, what I mean is to eat healthy and balanced meals. As a personal experience, I have already tried many diets of all kinds to lose weight, some of them successfully, others less so, but I could say that I never felt as healthy as now, and the best thing is that I have lost more weight than with any other diet. Since I made some changes in my nutrition I have lost 10 kg, without any suffering in about eight months. No diet helped me to lose so much weight and today I keep eating balanced, the right amount, the right time and in the right way.

The human being is not only composed by organs, that’s why we must also take care of our mind and spirit. At first it may be difficult to reach the harmony, especially because we live in a world where society is very stressed. It is normal to have worries on our day by day, but there are techniques to reduce the stress and if we can continuously practice, we could avoid the emergence of new diseases and look a more harmonious physical appearance.

In addition to caring our “internal” body it is also important to take care of the external part, mainly through the use of essential oils, but also herbs and other natural elements. These must be accompanied by massages.

All this seems to be easy, but actually it can be a bit difficult at the beginning. Like any change, firstly you need to have the desire to change, and secondly, the perseverance to see the results . After that, everything becomes easier and the best part is when we begin to see positive results as it encourages us to continue.

I have much more to write about the relation between Ayurveda and Beauty, but I will write gradually in the following posts along with some techniques, recipes, exercises and how to prepare your own oils .

Have a nice day!


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